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We bring you the best Scrabble Word Finder tool to give you all the possible word combinations from any word that you may input. This word generator can be used as your scrabble cheat and can even help you with Literati, Jumble and WWF among others. 

Using this word finder is pretty simple as all you have to do is to enter the words or letters that you want to generate more words from. The “?” sign can be used for the blank tiles while you can use Extra String box in case you are aware of the letters that you have to use essentially. For example, when playing Scrabble, if you have to build a word which ends with letter “G”, and you also intend to go with a word which starts with letter “G”, this very letter can be entered in extra string while you can select “at beginning” in order to allow this tool to give you all the possible word combinations that start with “G” including all the letters that you have entered. Remember here that you won’t have to enter “G” in your original search string unless you want it to be used somewhere else in your scrabble words. 

There is also an option that allows you to choose between the WWF Point Values or Scrabble Point Values sorting. It will help you to find out the plays that are most valuable to be made on the board. Every single result is linked to Scrabble Words Finder dictionary allowing you to get the words’ definition before you play them. There are some additional tools incorporated into the script to ensure that you are able to achieve high scores in the games you play. 

This Scrabble Word Finder tool searches through our words database built around SOWPODS dictionary which forms the basis of both WWF and Scrabble. The tool also covers the words which have been added by creators of these two games like “texting”. 

The Key Features


  Here is a list of some of the key features that this Scrabble Word Finder tool has to offer. 

Support for multiple Dictionaries: Right now our tool extends support for two different dictionaries and we’d be adding more of them later if our users request us to do so. TWL and SOWPODS are the main dictionaries for US and UK audiences respectively. 

There is a limit on how many letters you can enter as your initial search string and you can use the letter “?” for creating blank tiles. The maximum usage of this letter is 2 per search. 

You can also use our advanced options for specifying prefixes or suffixes for the word you are targeting. It turns out to be quite helpful in filtering out the results more accurately hence saving your time a great deal. 

On results page, you can click the word to reveal its definition and meaning. This definition or meaning is shown after a simple dictionary lookup for the word under consideration. 

How You Can Get Better At Playing Scrabble?

If you want to play scrabble and improve yourself at the game, it is important that you get yourself familiarized with some word sets. There are Scrabble Word Lists available that turn out to be quite invaluable when it comes to improving you at playing this game both online and offline. 

Only if you memorize a significant number of 2-lettered words and those having Q in them and no U, it will put you at great advantage when playing the game. The simple reason is that it will allow you to rack up a significant number of points simply by creating several words within a single play. Furthermore, when you are aware of the 2-lettered words, you are able to eliminate tiles when the games end. 

There is another often overlooked list which people forget to take into consideration when trying to improve themselves at Scrabble is the “list of hooks”. With 3 letter hooks you are able to form 2 words as you play. These include the word which adds a certain letter towards the start or end of some word as well as the word that you have spelled out in the first place. 

It is also possible to use Anagram Solver as it can be helpful for you in solving the anagram finding problems. You may want to use single word solvers or go with multi-word generators. Make sure that you know that playing defense in both Scrabble and WWF is equally important. What this means is you shouldn’t open up 3 letter word tiles to the opponents as it will allow them to have a big score. However, you can do so only if it will also help you at the same time to score big and beat them. You can also go for this option if you believe your opponent would not be able to use that 3 word tile. It would be even better when you have rare letter combination which lets you to make use of those triple word tiles for your next move once you have opened it up. Make sure that you make things tough for the opponent in the process as well. 

Why Use Scrabble Cheat? 


What do you think a scrabble cheat is for? Are you actually going to cheat the opponent? Are you actually trying to deceive the system? Probably, not! In our opinion, a scrabble cheat tool will allow you to practice your Scrabble play in a far more intelligent and smart manner. You would be able to learn new words in the process, make more words from a set of letters that may appear in your mind, learn the art of beating the odds and make it count as you play scrabble, and eventually be able to improve your score when playing the game. 

Our Scrabble word finder tool may be considered as a perfect tool to have on your arsenal when looking for scrabble cheat. The tool allows you to find out many new words while you can manipulate the advanced options available to ensure that you make words at your own will. Just come up with the new ideas to find new words – like ones starting with a certain letter or ending with a particular one – and improve yourself with this wonderful mind game that is getting increasingly popular around the world. 

Can Scrabble Word Generator Help?

Scrabble is a funny game because you have to master the English language and memorize every single word in it to make sure that you never run out of options when creating new words on the board. However, that is something which may not always be practically possible. No matter how intelligent you are and even if you have a photographic memory, keeping every single word in the language on the tip of your mind may not always happen. 

Nevertheless, you can practice as much as you can and get help from a variety of online tools and scrabble word generator options to make sure that you learn new stuff every single day and memorize new words even when you are on the go. 

Using a scrabble word generator tool is pretty simple as you have to enter the letters in the word generator and it will generate multiple-lettered words using those letters that you have provided. Some of them would be 2-letter words, 3-letter words, 4-letter words, and so on. 

Practicing with such a tool online on a daily basis is definitely going to help and it would increase your chances of winning the game manifolds because you’d have memorized all those words. You can even use such tools when playing casually with your friends and they would turn out to be your scrabble cheat allowing you to get the better of your friends. 

Keep A Scrabble Dictionary Handy


Whether you are preparing for the game or you are actually playing it, having a scrabble dictionary handy is definitely going to help you. In the first case, obviously, just like any scrabble word generator, you can use the dictionary to learn new words and memorize stuff on daily basis to improve yourself in the game. You can use it in combination with the scrabble word finder, to strong-arm yourself and make new words from the letters used in a word that you just memorized. 

In the second scenario, however, having an official scrabble dictionary handy will give you the chance to challenge the opponent for the words they play. If you doubt that the word played by the opponent is incorrect, doesn’t exist, or is just misspelled, you can challenge it right away and check it in the official dictionary you have. Similarly, if the words played by you are challenged by the opponent, you can always bring out your dictionary to double check and show them if you have played the words correctly. 

So, keeping a scrabble dictionary handy is definitely going to help you no matter what. All you have to ensure is that you buy an official dictionary and that you keep it handy whenever you are playing the game. It will even increase your chances of winning the scrabble game as well. 

How To Play Scrabble?


If you are using this Scrabble word finder, it is quite likely that you are already playing the game with your friends and want this scrabble word finder cheat words friends to guide you and get the better of the opponents when you play against them. 

To be honest, Scrabble really is a classic, fun word game that brings a lot of learning as well. When playing scrabble your objective is to get maximum number of points simply by playing different words on the board which you have to connect to the words that have been created by the fellow players. The game doesn’t require a whole team of individuals like with conventional games such as Cricket and Football. Instead, you only need to have one person other than you to play with. Furthermore, it also requires you to have an official board that carries all the game’s components. 

When playing Scrabble, you have to create different words, rack up the points, challenge the opponents, and exchange tiles if they are not working for you. Once you start having fun playing the game, it would be a great idea to invite your friends regularly or join a club or, maybe, enter some tournament to play the game professionally. 

Now, if you find some interest in it, here we have the major steps you need to follow for playing it. 

Step 1: Prepare To Play

Before you start playing scrabble, it is important that you have all that is needed to play the game. For instance, you must have a scrabble board, hundred letter tiles, a separate letter rack for every player, and cloth bag for holding all your letter tiles. Furthermore, there must be 1 to 3 people other than you to play the game with. 

Select A Dictionary For Challenges: Once you have all these things, you should select a dictionary that you’d be using for the challenges. The reason you need a dictionary is to avoid any conflicts that may arise during the process. Someone might play a word which others think invalid. So, when you have a dictionary handy it would be easy for you guys to simply cross check and resolve the issue. A mobile phone with Scrabble checker application would be of great help to deal with such challenges. 

Shake Tiles In The Bag: Before you start playing Scrabble, it is advised that you put all tiles in a bag and then shake it thoroughly. It will help ensure that you have distributed the letters fairly. 

Find Out Who’d Take The First Turn: Next, you must pass that shaken bag around the entire table allowing each of the players to take one tile out. The tiles should then be placed on the table facing up. Anyone who has a title with letter nearest to “A” should then be allowed to make the first go. Now, put the drawn letters in the bag again and reshuffle before the tiles are drawn. If somebody draws blank tiles, they should be allowed to begin with it. 

Draw The Tiles: Next, everyone should draw their 7 tiles one by one. The bag should be held above the eye level and it should be ensured that the tiles aren’t visible. Make sure that the tiles you draw aren’t shown to anybody else. Simply place them on the tile rack you have and pass that bag full of tiles to next player in the queue. 

Step 2: Play Scrabble

Next, you should be playing your first word after all the preparation in the Step 1. Again the privilege goes to the person who had drawn the letter nearest to “A”. At least 2 tiles should be used in the first word that is created. Furthermore, you should place it across that star square which is present in the middle of your scrabble board. You can lay this word out both horizontally and vertically, the choice is yours. Just make sure that it is not diagonal. 

When you are calculating the score for first word, remember that the player of the first word is given double the score as the star is counted as Premium Square having double word bonus. What this means is if the value of first word that is played is 8, it should be counted as 16. 

Count Your Score: Once a word has been put down, you need to count up the points you have earned. Add these points to lower right side of every tile that you had laid down. In case, if one of the tiles was placed on that Premium Square, the score should be adjusted as that Premium Square indicates. For instance, if a word was placed over the square saying “Double Word”, the total points should be doubled up. In case, if the word is placed over the square saying “Double Letter”, the value for that letter tile should be doubled when calculating the score. 

Draw More Tiles: After every turn you take, you should be drawing tiles in same number that you have just played. Had you played three tiles to create a word, draw three more tiles once your turn ends. Place the tiles on the rack and simply pass that bag containing all the tiles to next player. 

Build On Others’ Words: If you want to win playing scrabble, make sure that you use scrabble word finder and build on the words formed by other players. Yes, that’s how it works. You can’t create freestanding words each time and rather have to build on the words played by the opponents. You also have to ensure that all tiles connected are taken into consideration. Whatever you add to the board should create one more word, at least. 

However, when you connect to various other tiles, which are in other directions, you have to ensure that the words being created are valid. 

Use The Tiles To Score The Highest On Each Turn: When it’s your turn, consider several plays and go with the one that brings you the maximum number of points. Try as much as you possibly can to include the Premium Squares as well as the letters with the high values such as “Q” and “Z” whenever you play. Here we have a list of Premium Squares that you should be focusing on as you play:

  • Double Letter Score: It means that any letter that you place on this square would get double the points for the played letter. 
  • Double Word Score: It means that if the word you have made includes a letter which gets double points when placed on the said square, you’d score double.
  • Triple Letter Score: When you place a letter on this square, you’d get thrice the points shown on that played letter. 
  • Triple Word Score: It means that if the word you have made includes a letter which gets triple points when placed on the said square, you’d score triple.

Challenge Players For Word Disputes: Whenever you believe that the other player has come up with a word which doesn’t actually exist in English, or has been misspelled, the player can be challenged. Whenever a challenge is made, you do a lookup in dictionary to confirm your claim. 

In case, if the word has been spelled correctly and it does exist, it would stay and the points will be awarded to the player who played it. You would lose your turn as a result as well. However, if your claim was right and the word doesn’t exist, the other player needs to remove that word and they don’t get any points for that play and their turn is lost. 

Exchange Any Tiles That Are Not Needed: It is also possible to exchange your tiles, partly or completely, at any point while playing the game. A turn has to be compromised for getting new tiles though. Simply discard any tiles that you do not need anymore, shuffle everything that’s in the bag before drawing as many tiles as you have discarded. Remember that it is not possible to play the word and exchange tiles at the same time. 

Step 3: Scoring 

It is really important that you carefully tally the score of all the players as you are playing the game. It is necessary that all the players announce their score once they have added it up each time and it should be written by the scorer right away. 

Watch Out For The Premium Squares: The Premium Squares tend to change the word scores that you have made and, therefore, they should get your attention when playing the words. Any bonus that comes from Premium Squares could only be used when you have laid a tile over the square in your current turn. Any bonuses from these squares that have been counted already can’t be incorporated in another turn. 

When you add your bonuses for the times when you play several Premium Squares, any letter bonuses should be added before you add word bonuses. What this means is that when a spelled word has double letter as well as triple word bonuses, the double letter bonus should be added first and then you should go on to multiply your total with 3. 

Add 50 Points To Your Score By Getting A Bingo: You get a bingo when all of your 7 tiles are used for playing a certain word. In this case, you should be adding the word’s value and the bonuses that have been gained through Premium Squares in addition to 50 extra points. 

Add The Scores Of All The Players When The Game Ends: Once all players exhaust the tiles they had or just can’t play words anymore, their total score is added up. When the scorer is adding those totals, it is important that all the players let him/her know their left over tiles’ point value. This value should be deducted from their total for determining the final score. 

Winner Announcement: Once the scores have been finalized, it’s time to announce the game’s winner. Players with the highest point score are declared the winners, obviously. The second-highest scorer gets second place, and it goes on. 

Step 4: Finding People Who You Can Play With

There are quite a few options that you can try out for finding people who you can play scrabble with. Here they are. 

Invite Your Friends For Friendly Games: Playing scrabble and using a good scrabble word finder really is a fun affair and it makes a wonderful way of spending quality time with your friends. You can always plan Scrabble Nights by inviting your friends over. It will help you practice the game and you’ll become perfect in playing it soon enough. 

Join Scrabble Clubs: If you want to play the game on weekly basis or you just don’t know enough people who’re interested in playing the game with you regularly, you should join scrabble club. Fine one near you or, maybe, think of forming one of your own. 

Enter Tournaments: Once you have enough skills to compete professional scrabble players, you should try playing in a scrabble tournament. There will be lots of matches and you’ll also get to find new people with love for the game. 

Step 5: Become A Professional Scrabble Player

If you want to play the game as a professional, there are a few things that you should learn before you move ahead. If you do so, you’d definitely be able to make a great mark on the world of scrabble. Let’s have a look at a few of them. 

Play With Official Dictionary And Enforce Illegal Or Fake Words: When you want to become a scrabble professional and compete in National Scrabble Tournaments, you have to follow a certain set of rules. It is important that you have the official dictionary. You must also enforce all rules even when you’re playing with your friends. Before you actually compete at the professional level, it is important that you know how professionals play. 

You may join other scrabble professionals online and play with them. It will be helpful in learning tricky and odd words that are required in professional play such as “qi”, “MBAQANGA”, etc. 

Learn The Etiquette: When competing in the tournaments, it’s nothing like practicing scrabble in your living room with a bunch of friends. You have to follow rules for ensuring that things go as smoothly as they possibly could. Some basics include the following: 

  • Time yourself as you start and stop with your turns
  • Record both players’ scores after every turn
  • Keep the bag at the eye level when drawing any new tiles and keep the palms open while not looking at the bag
  • Call “Hold” to get 15 seconds for challenging words
  • Use computer for adjudicating disputes

Join NASPA or WESPA: The North American players should join North American Scrabble Players Association while everyone else in the world should join World English Scrabble Players Association to join different tournaments being played all over the world. Most of the events only call in the members to join. If you’re a professional, that’s how you should go. 

For practicing purposes, the local Scrabble Clubs in your city should help. That’s a good point of start for practicing tournament play before you go on to join the associations mentioned above. 

Dedicate Your Time For Studying Words: The game of Scrabble is all about Words. The more words you have in your mind, the greater will be your chances to play and win. It is advised that you take your time and have a look at your dictionary once every day, at least. Find some good word learning software or a scrabble word finder to practice in your daily routine. Some professionals even make flash-cards while studying lists in an obsessive manner. 

There are even lists available for all the words having a certain letter such as “Q” or “X”. The official dictionary may not have the slurs or profanity, they’re fair to play when you are competing in tournaments. 

Know What Specific Tiles Can Do: There are tiles that have a greater worth. For example, ‘S’ can be a great way of tacking on extra letters to every word almost. You should save blank tiles for scoring play or any huge words as they can be used easily. Also make sure that you play “Q” quickly as you consider your scoring opportunities. Try not to hold the tiles for unnecessarily long times only for getting a great word. 

Track Your Tiles: Most of the players use tile-track feature on the scoring sheets and it becomes crucial when the game goes on. When you want to exchange your tiles and don’t hope to get some new vowel, it is important that you have a vague idea as to how many of them would be there in the tiles bag.

Top Scrabble Tips & Tricks To Rule The Scrabble World

Playing scrabble may be interesting, but it is never the easiest. And, if you want to play the game like a pro, you should have enough in your head to make sure that you beat the opponents. There are a lot of things that you can do to rule the scrabble world and using scrabble word finder to polish your skills in the game is among a top few options that you have. Besides that, however, you can master some of the best scrabble tips and tricks out there that have been introduced by the professionals after spending years in playing the game – both practicing with their friends and also while competing in the tournaments against the real best. 

So, here we have listed some of the top tips and tricks that would allow you to beat the best in the business and play like a real pro. Let’s have a look. 

Do Not Occupy Middle Square With Common Letters

According to the official rules, when the game begins all the players have to randomly pick their tiles before they could draw their racks. The player who gets a letter nearest to the letter “A” takes the first turn and is privileged to use that center star while having double-word score at the same time. So, if you get that opportunity, make sure that you do not occupy that middle square with vowels or some other common letters like S, D, R, and T. 

If you do so, the player next in the queue would get the chance to easily make a triple-word score at edges.

Make Use Of More Letters

That may sound pretty obvious but turnover would play a key part in racking up more points. As there are just 100 tiles in every bag, the more tiles you’d use, the fewer chances your opponents would have to get the better of you. 

Never Discount Those 2- And 3-Letter Words

When you place the words like JO, QI, XI, XU, OX, EX, ZA, and AX expertly on double-letter and triple-letter bonus you can easily end up securing more than 20 points. They can also be helpful for you in ridding off those excessive vowels and laying the foundation for the next turn you have to take. Just memorize the lists and ensure that you make them count. 

Always Look For The “Hot Spots”

You should do some planning ahead and must ensure that you keep looking for the jumping-off points that allow you to hit those “hot spots” or bonus squares. The experts say that a single triple-word score could make the game for you. You can get that ultimate boost by combining it with other high-value letters such as Q, J, Z, K, or X.

Look For The “Hooks”

If you’re not already familiar with the word, “Hooks” are 1-letter additions which create the entire new words. Here we have an example for you to understand that. You can make the word “Blush” by adding a “B” letter to the word “Lush”. Similarly, adding “T” at the end of “Come” makes it “Comet”. Making such words would not only give you the points of the new tile but also for all other letters in the new word. However, the bonuses under any existing tiles won’t apply here. 

Use Prefixes & Suffixes

Another thing that you will get to learn by using scrabble word finder is to make use of any prefixes as well as suffixes. Just put aside the beginnings and endings of the common words for tacking onto your future plays. Some good examples would include ED, ISH, ING, ANTI, ER, UN, RE, CO, and IN. 

Use “S” As A Simple Addition

The letter “S” could make the simplest of add-ons but you shouldn’t make it go to waste. You can simply add this letter at the end of many words to form new words. 

Use Blank Tiles Only To Bingo

As there are just a couple of wildcards in a bag, it’s a freebie that you would never like to waste. Experts say that you should be using these as the building blocks to a Bingo – the words that use all your 7 tiles. When the entire rack of yours is played together, you are entitled to claim a perfect bonus of 50 points, and you’d love to brag about it too.

Play Parallels

When your rack is filled with vowels, it becomes harder to collect points unless you take undue credit of others that are already there on the scrabble board. Try to form words next to the high-value tiles, particularly on the bonus squares, for effectively getting double your payoff. 

Control The Board Opening Or Closing 

When you play long words it opens up the board and creates more opportunities to take the bonus-square. All you have to do is to ensure that this advantage is not given away to the opponent. Similarly, if you use parallels, it would shut off other players from forming any big words. This would be a perfect strategy if you’d like to keep on drawing those low-value letters. 

Do Not Discard Unless You Don’t Have Any Other Option

When playing scrabble, you have the option to exchange your tiles but if you choose to do so you’ll have to forfeit your turn. And, even when you do so, no one can guarantee that you’ll be getting something better. It would be best for you to play 2- or 3-letter words so you should only be taking the extreme tactics when you have no other option left. 

Be Wise With Challenges

If you have the dictionary on your fingertips and you are confident about the language’s knowledge that you possess, challenging the words of other players may earn you a significant pay-off. If you have challenged it rightly, the opponent will lose their turn. However, if you go wrong with the challenge, you lose your turn as well. It is also a good idea to trick the opponents into challenging your play simply by playing the foreign or obscure words. 

Learn Some All-Vowel Words

Vowels are always the hardest to play and you should practice with the scrabble word finder to learn and familiarize yourself with the all-vowel words. You should also make sure that you memorize the list of all the acceptable 2-letter words as they’d really come in handy to get rid of the vowels. The list features 101 such words. A few good examples would be AA, AI, AE, OI, and OE. You can even go with the longer ones like EAU. Alternately, you should find the letter R on your scrabble board which is still open on either side. It would be a perfect jump-off point to enjoy vowel-full plays like ARIA, AERIE, AREA, UREA, and EERIE.

Try To Play All High-Value Letters At Your Earliest

Now, that’s something really important to create turnover in the game, but it will particularly do you the favor when the game ends. If you do not end the game first, all the letters that you have not played yet will also get subtracted from the number you have scored at the end. So, as draw pile continues to get thinner, you should get the big points off the rack to make sure that you do not lose it.

Finish First And Take The Lead

When you have a perfect game and everything goes neck-to-neck, it all comes down to the ending strategy. The game ends as soon as one of the players uses their last letter. If you finish first, you will get a big bonus as the total points of unused letters of the opponent will be added to your final score. That’s how the official rulebook goes.