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Find all words that you can make using only the letters that you specify. Live dictionary word finder tool. Use for free.. Find Scrabble® words containing these letters. You can use this search to suggest words containing only the letters in your Scrabble® rack.

If you have been playing word games for some time, you’d know exactly what it demands from you as far as your knowledge of the language is concerned. You are always on your toes to memorize new words and keep challenging the opponents with a whole new set of words played on the scrabble board, for instance, every time you compete professionally. Sometimes, you have to Find Words Containing These Letters as you have a certain set of letters to play and you can’t do anything to get the better of your opposition but to score points with words that use the letters you have at hand. So, what do you do then? Do you keep recalling any such words that have the desired letters in them? Or you take some help from a word finder tool that allows you to specify the letters that you want to use and get the list of all possible words containing those letters? I guess, the second option is definitely worth trying out.

How To Find Words Containing These Letters In Them?

Yes, that’s probably one of the most common questions that we hear from the scrabble players who are either new to the game or just don’t have the know-how of how technology has progressed further of late. But with an appropriate scrabble word finder, you can always get rid of this issue rather easily.

There are so many sophisticated word finder tools available today that can come to your rescue here. You just have to understand how to find the best one around and use all its features to your benefit to get the desired set of words to play in the game of scrabble or words with friends or any other word game for that matter.

If you have used the simplest of word finders before, you would know exactly how they work and how they help you expand your vocabulary with words that are allowed by the official scrabble dictionary. As it usually happens, you either have to provide the chosen tool with a random string of letters or a word and hit the search button. The algorithm then does it work to provide you with all the possible words that could be formed using any of the letters that you had provided in your input string. There will be 2-lettered words, 3-lettered words, 4-lettered words, and so on.

However, that’s the pretty basic operation and there are more sophisticated word finders available today that allow you to easily win every game that you play simply by expanding your pool of words and the skills in the game. Some of these tools come with options like wild card letters, prefixes, and suffixes that you can specify to filter out your search and get only those words that you want to make with the letters you have at hand. For instance, if you specify a letter string and a certain prefix, the tool should provide you with all the possible words that could be made with the letters you have provided with the given prefix added to it. Obviously, you will only get those words that are allowed and considered legit in your desired scrabble dictionary. Some tools explicitly want you to specify the dictionary that you would like to use for your search so that you may not get into any hassles when playing the words you learned with the tool only to find out that it is not legit according to your chosen dictionary.

Now, with such an online word finder, you can always Find Words Containing These Letters. Here, you’d have to use a more sophisticated option, however, in order to specify a pattern that you want to pick in the desired words. Nevertheless, it is going to work for you and the option will help you learn more words in a very short time than you’d have learnt the conventional way i.e. by memorizing words from a scrabble dictionary.

Which Scrabble Dictionary To Use?

The use of a certain word finder tool available online should be based on a certain scrabble dictionary associated to it. Most of the online tools available today have a few popular dictionaries linked to them and they allow you to make a choice as to which of these dictionaries you’d want to use. The key here is to decide which dictionary you would use when you’ll be playing the game professionally. Obviously, you would want to learn the words that are allowed in a particular dictionary that you use as a reference. There is no point in learning the words from one dictionary and choosing another while you are playing the game. If you do so, all the words you play will be challenged by the opponent and you will end up losing your points and the moves eventually losing the game rather easily.

The official scrabble dictionary that is widely used in the game all over the world is often referred to as OSPD and mostly the American and the Canadian English speakers use this dictionary in the game of scrabble. There are six editions of this dictionary available today and the latest one came not so long ago as it was published in September 2018.

When using an online word finder tool, you may also have to specify whether you want to use the UK version or the US version of the dictionary so that there may not be any confusions whatsoever. As a result, you will only be provided with words that you are actually looking for.

So, based on all these factors described above, it’s you who has to decide which scrabble dictionary you want to use for learning new words with the word finder tool.

Why Use A Word Finder Instead Of A Scrabble Dictionary To Learn New Words?

Well, the logic is simple here. You do not always love the boring stuff to do. The game of scrabble might attract your fancy all the time but the prospect of learning new words may not always be that enjoyable. So, if you go the old school way to learn new words and sit all night holding the scrabble dictionary in your hand or opened right in front of your eyes on the computer screen, you may not get along very well. In addition, it will only restrict you to a certain set of words to learn and would really take way too long to have a full grasp over the language. You will also not be able to make words with a certain letters that you may have in your mind and it will actually distract you from how you will be acting in the game of scrabble when competing against the opponents.

If you want to keep things a bit interesting for yourself, and kind of give yourself some practice of actually playing the word game, you should rely on a sophisticated word finder tool rather than simply memorizing words from the dictionary itself. It mimics the game as you will be specifying a letter string into the search tool, just like you have a few letter tiles at hand to play your words with, in order to find your desired words to play on the scrabble board. You may even use wild cards, suffixes, prefixes and other similar options to come up with the desired words as if you were actually playing the game against an opponent in a tournament. It also helps you prepare well mentally as your mind starts reacting to the letters you have at hand and tells you exactly which words could be formed using these letters. In addition, the tools give you a range of words formed from the letter tiles you have at hand. The words do not necessarily have to use all the tiles and, for example, if you have 5 letters that you specify in the tool, it will give you all the 2-lettered words, 3-lettered words, 4-lettered words, and 5-lettered words that you could form with these letter tiles.

So, you not only get a close eye at the gameplay but also learn a range of different words that could be formed with the letters you have at hand. That being said, using a word finder tool is definitely a better choice than using a dictionary to memorize words in old fashioned way. Referring to a dictionary may still do the job for you as you’d be able to learn new words, but it may not sharpen your skill at playing a set of letters to form new words on the scrabble board.

Can A Scrabble Cheat Board Help?

Just like the word finder tools online, there are some innovative scrabble cheat board options available as well. These tools actually mimic the entire game as it is played on the scrabble board to give you a feel of the actual game. You won’t just be able to Find Words Containing These Letters but will also be able to build your entire strategy to play the game on these cheat board tools. Just get to learn how they operate and start using them to your benefit. They can definitely help you get better at forming words with certain letters and also at playing and winning the game in the greater scheme of things.

So, if you have been struggling to Find Words Containing These Letters, you should definitely resort to online tools and word finders that are tailor made to provide such help to the passionate scrabble players. There will be a plenty of them that you may come across and all you need to do would be to single out the best and the most reliable options. Use all the different features they have to offer and get closer match of the actual game as you learn and find words with friends.

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