Scrabble Word Finder

Scrabble really is an interesting game that has grabbed interest of the intelligent people with high IQ levels from all over the world. It’s been around for quite some time now and the interest in this game has continuously increased over all these years.

It is one of the typical mind games that test your cognitive skills and even help you to develop some as well. The game helps you learn by making new words with the help of letter tiles that are placed on the scrabble board in a certain order. There are some rules that apply and you have to play by those rules in order to make your mark in the world of scrabble. But you don’t always get to memorize all the words out there in the scrabble dictionary. So, what do you do then? Well, you should try out the official scrabble word finder tools and give yourself the chance to find out new words that are considered legal in the game of scrabble and can win you big points on the scorecard.

Official Scrabble Word Finder

Mastering the art of playing scrabble is nothing easier. You not only have to learn the rules of the game but you also need to play words that are recognized by the official scrabble dictionary. And, if you fail to do that, it is quite possible that the opponent you’re playing the game with may end up challenging the words you play and you lose your turns every time. It happens only because the words played by you are not considered legal according to the official scrabble rules as they are not present in the dictionary that is officially consulted to check the words being played.

Official scrabble word finder

So, what do you do in that case? Well, have you ever tried playing the game with the help of an official scrabble word finder? It’s a tool that helps you play new words which you might not even have in your memory. Obviously, it’s an outside help which is not allowed according to the rules of the game but you can always rely on such word finder tools to make your experience with scrabble game worthwhile. As you are not allowed to take help from such tools when you are playing the game officially, you can always rely on this word finder if you want to practice the game and learn new words with a certain set of letters you might have on the scrabble board.

Besides helping you find new words and learn something that can help you get the better of your opponents while playing the game, scrabble word finder can also be your best partner if you love to have fun with your friends. You can use a word finder tool as your silent helper on your smartphone while you play the game with your friends and want to have fun while practicing scrabble. It will help you play the most unique words that are also legal in the game and your friends will definitely get surprised to know that you played a legal word which even they didn’t have in their mind.

Just keep tricking them and continue to have fun but make sure that your focus is on learning more than solely tricking some of your friends. Obviously, when you will learn new words with the help of these tools, you’ll get better and better in the game and there is a great chance that you will soon have enough words on your mind that you can challenge even the most seasoned scrabble players around.

How It Works?

Most of the times, as it happens, you have to make new words in scrabble with the help of words that already exist on the scrabble board and you just have to make additions to them. So, when you know the letters you have on the board, you just have to put those letters in the scrabble word finder along with a couple of additional letters that you think would make new words by adding them up to the letters already there on the board. It shouldn’t be challenging at all and you can easily learn making new words and expand your knowledge of the game as well as the English dictionary.

Putting your desired letters into an official scrabble word finder reveals various word combinations that could be formed with the help of letters that you have used in the input. For example, if you have entered 4 different letters to make a search, the word finder will give you all possible 2-letter words, 3-letter words and 4-letter words that could be made using the provided letters. The best part is that all the words that will be presented to you are going to be legitimate according to the official scrabble dictionary and you can play them in the game any time you like, even when you are competing in a tournament.

This really gives you a great learning curve and you can end up learning more words than ever without having to put up a great bit of effort into the learning process. You can use the word finder tools any time at your own convenience. It would be a great idea if you can set up your own routine of learning with these word finders. For example, you can spare a couple of hours every day or even just half an hour daily to learn some new words. Try finding 5 to 10 new words daily at least and memorize them. You will be learning a significant number of words every month by using this approach. Just be consistent with your routine and soon you will find out that you are prepared to compete at the most prestigious scrabble tournaments played around the world. Just give it a try and you will soon find yourself improving with the game.

Scrabble Word Dictionary

When you have made up your mind to start using an official scrabble word finder, you would be better off using it in combination with scrabble word dictionary. Even though most of the word finder tools available today are all in line with the official dictionary used for the scrabble game, it is quite likely that you may end up with something that doesn’t recognize an official dictionary and just gives you the words at random which may or may not be acceptable in an official dictionary.

So, when you have a scrabble word dictionary handy, you would be in a better position to tell if you should be playing a particular word generated by the word finder or not. When playing the game in a competition, placing wrong words on the scrabble board and losing in a challenge will make you lose your turn and the points will be discarded. Each of your turns is precious and you should be playing very carefully if you really have to win it. Only play the words that you are sure of and try to play those that you have memorized from scrabble dictionary only. Even when you are just going through the learning process, double check the words you get from the word finder tool against the official dictionary.

It will help ensure that you will only stick to the words that are legal in the game and will not have to risk losing your turns whenever you play a certain word from the dictionary. So, fancy your chances in the game by learning some wonderful new words. It is definitely going to count when you’ll start playing the game professionally.

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