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Scrabble is an interesting mind game and it is one of the most played board games around the world as well. Scrabble players love sitting on either side of the scrabble board and test their mental and memory skills to come up with new words that they can play on the board with the tiles that they have left with them. However, some scrabble players don’t love the game as much as they would like to trick the opponents. Yes, they try to take outside help from the tools like scrabulizer and they just want to end up on the winning side. Obviously, you can have as many words as you like in your mind to play the game of scrabble but, as it often happens, the words you want to play might not strike your imagination at the time when you really want to play them. So, what options you are left with then? Obviously, an automated tool that can give you the words to play that you’d not have in your mind otherwise.

What Is Scrabulizer?

Just as mentioned earlier, it is nothing but an online tool that can be your companion towards achieving excellence in the game of scrabble and various other word games for that matter. The tool relies on a well-defined algorithm that works in combination with the official scrabble dictionary to come up with the words that you can play on the scrabble board any time.

ScrabulizerIt is a scrabble solver that provides you with all possible moves that you could make while taking your turn in the scrabble game. This scrabble solver makes use of all the tiles that you have on the rack as well as those incorporated on the board for coming up with legit scrabble moves. According to the default setting, the scoring relies on the tile scores as well as the bonus layout on the board, giving you a bonus of 50 points if you are able to use all your rack tiles in one go. You can always change everything from board size, board point bonuses, rack length, bingos and letter scores by choosing a game design of your choice or setting up a custom design on your own.

For most of the languages, every move’s strategic value is calculated as well and it is shown beside the score as well.

How To Use Scrabulizer?

If you want to use scrabulizer, you will have to follow some simple instructions and it will help you get all you need for playing the game of scrabble or other mind games.

To start with, choose the game you want to play and also the design option that is located right above the scrabble board. Here you also have to select an appropriate scrabble dictionary that you want to use to play the game.

You can add blank tiles to your rack any time with the help of space bar. You can also add blank tiles to the scrabble board by entering specific letters that they represent. Next, select a square where you want to play the tiles and press space bar.

Bonus squares can also be set simply by pressing number keys while the board square is selected. For instance, if you press 2 it will cycle between double letter as well as double word scores. For clearing these bonuses, press 1.

You can customize tile scores and distribution by choosing Game Design tab and changing board size. You can also change the rack too and adjust bingos as well.

Just fill the rack and the board to match your desired game and then click on click on “Get Solutions” and you will get all the possible moves that are valid according to the game rules and it will also show you the strategic value they possess.

How To Use Scrabulizer To Your Benefit?

To be honest, all such tools as scrabulizer may not be of any help to you while you are playing the game professionally. However, they can always come in handy when it comes to preparing for the official games. It can be all the more boring to learn the words from the dictionary and spend your days and nights in memorizing new words while holding that little booklet in your hands. But you can make learning all the more fun by practicing the game with such tools.

You can simply start playing with one such online tool and play the words or letter strings that are already there in your mind. Once you have started it up, you can simply take advantage of the tool by playing the words it suggests. Normally, as it happens, the tools give you a range of words formed using any of the letters that you have provided as the input string. You can then play the words you like and memorize them for your future plays. It is very much the same as with scrabble word finder cheat words friends. You are not only having fun surprising your friends with all the new and unique words that you play but you also get a chance to sharpen your skills with the game of scrabble so that you can compete on the big stage.

The thing that is best about this online tool is that it not just works as a scrabble word finder but also helps you to learn the entire strategy of the game. You get all the possible moves you could make with the letter tiles you have in the rack. It gives you a variety of options as to which moves you could make and exactly what each move is going to reap you in terms of points. You learn exactly how you should move along in the game of scrabble and what moves you should be making at different stages in the game. In other words, you are actually getting match practice and can build your own new strategies in determining exactly how you can beat the opponents no matter how sharp they are in the game of scrabble. It is not just a simple word finder tool where you can enter a string into the search box and find yourself some new words to play on any day. Rather, it gives you an all out approach to learn the game and play it like a professional.

You can also have fun along the way while practicing with your friends. For instance, if you are playing it on the scrabble board physically, you can play it on the scrabulizer alongside as well and give them the impression that you are making new words on your own. It will be fun and it is definitely going to help you in the long run.

So, what are you waiting for then? Start exploring the scrabulizer tool right away and see how it can change the way you used to play scrabble game in the past. It is definitely going to help you a lot and you will learn a lot of new strategies and will be able to score the maximum on the board whenever you play it professionally no matter how good your opponent may be. Obviously, you will learn a whole lot of new words along the way as well.

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