Unscramble Letters To Make Words

How many mind games and word games exist today? Have you ever given it a thought? In fact, all you might ever know is a few popular word games like scrabble and words with friends or maybe a few others. Nevertheless, these take pride in being the most popular and most played games around the world. These mind games are not just interesting to play, they also give you a great challenge to memorize new words and play them when you are on the scrabble board playing them game professionally. But can you memorize all those words in the English language that are legit in the game of scrabble or any other word game for that matter? Probably not! So, what’s the solution then? Well, it would be a good idea to try an unscramble tool and unscramble letters to make words.

Why Unscramble Letters To Make Words?

Well, first of all, it is quite an interesting activity that does not require you to spend any boring time with a dictionary in your hand, or opened in front of you on the tablet or your mobile device, all the time. You are actually doing something that arouses your interest and gives you a lot of new things to explore. Sometimes, you are more like playing a game of scrabble itself while you learn new words from the unscrambling tools.

Unscramble Letters To Make Words1

Second, and the most important, thing is that when you are using unscrambling tools, it opens up new ways for you to learn new words. Yes, you are not just stuck to a limited set of words or a typical routine to learn new stuff. Instead, you have all the liberty in the world to keep exploring the words in the language that are legit in the game as well. You can enter your on string of letters in the search box and hit the search button to get all the possible word combinations that could be formed with the letters you have provided. In fact, even it is not necessary for you to enter a legit word as your search string and the random letters would do the job for you as well.

So, it is kind of an experimentation that you have to do and no matter what comes to your mind, you just have to put it in the unscrambler and easily unscramble letters to make words.

Unscrambling Features That You can Use To Your Advantage

As mentioned earlier, the unscrambling tools are nothing boring and they really give you a host of options to make your searches as refined as you’d like. Here we have described all the features that a typical sentence unscrambler would have. Let’s have a look!

  1. Letters

Most of the unscrambling tools allow you to enter a maximum of 15 letters and they could either be in the form of legit words or just random string of letters. And, mostly, you can use a couple of wildcards as well. This means you can add the “?” at the end or start of the string where anything could be added by the unscrambling tools.

  1. Starting With or Ending With

You can always filter the results produced by the unscrambling tools by providing the letters used at the starting or the ending of the words being produced. For example, if you want the words to be started with the letters “hel”, the unscrambling tool might present you with the words like “hell” and “hello”. It is just an example and you can experiment with the letters as much as you like.

  1. Contains

This is another good option that you can use to unscramble letters to make words. Just like you can mention letters that you want at the start or end of the words to be presented to you, it is also possible to provide letters that you want anywhere in the words that you want to learn or play. For example, if you can enter a substring “ell” in your search criteria, you can get words like stella and hello which both feature the provided substring.

  1. Pattern

Some of the most sophisticated unscrambling tools take things even further by allowing you to decide the pattern in which the letters should appear in the words presented to the user. For example, if you want the letter “J” at the start of the words and the letter “L” a couple of places after that and want some other letter to end the word you can choose this pattern “j_ _l_” and eventually you will get the word “Jelly”.

  1. Dictionary

Another important option that you have to select while getting an unscrambler to unscramble the words or strings for you is to specify the Dictionary you want to use. This is the dictionary that is considered valid for a certain game in which you would like to play the words that you will find by using the tool. Primarily, there are three dictionary options that you can choose from. These include:

Official Scrabble Dictionary

  • Words With Friends (WWF): This particular dictionary includes most updated words that could be played in a game and includes words that belong to social dictionary as well.
  • Scrabble US: This dictionary consists of the words in official OCTWL dictionary and if that’s the standard you want to use, you can simply mention it when entering your search criteria.
  • Scrabble UK: If you and the opponent have decided to play by the Scrabble UK standard then this is the dictionary you should specify in the unscrambling tool to learn the standard words to play. It’s based on the SOWPODS and is used as a standard across most of English speaking nations.
  1. Length

You can also filter the results according to the length of the words that you want to be presented to you. When you know exactly what you are looking for, like maybe based on how long a word you can easily memorize, things become a whole lot easier for you. So, filter results accordingly and easily get the type of words you are interested in.

Now, all that sounds pretty useful! If you are also crazy about playing scrabble and mastering the art of playing words, you should definitely start using unscramblers and unscramble letters to make words. You won’t just be able to have fun and learn new words, but will also be able to master your skills in the game. That’s because some unscrambling tools even give you a scrabble board to play on and give you a complete environment with tiles, rack and scrabble bag around to help you develop your own strategy and master the skills.

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