Word Builder Game

There is a whole lot of mind games and word games played around the world today and they all give players a healthy activity to indulge in. Besides keeping you mentally active and increasing your cognitive skills, these games make a perfect pastime as well. The game that is played the most among all is scrabble and it really is the best word builder game around. There is a certain set of rules that have to be followed when playing this game and you have to make sure that you understand each and everything about it so that you can beat the competing players easily and make the most from each move that you make playing the game of scrabble.

Scrabble Word Builder Game

In order to play the scrabble word builder game, you should be in possession of a gaming board, a letter bag, 100 letter tiles, and 4 racks. With all the letters that you have, you’re required to make different words that are allowed in the game according to official scrabble dictionary. Each of these words that make on the scrabble board with the letter tiles that you have carry a certain score according to the points associated with each letter included in the word and you rack points accordingly in the bid to score the highest and beat the opponents.

Word Builder Game

Before starting the game, all the players must agree on a scrabble dictionary that will be used whenever a certain word is challenged. All the letters should be placed either in a pouch or face-down right beside the scrabble board before mixing them up. Now the players have to draw letters from the pile to decide who will take the first turn. The player with a blank tile or a tile with letter nearest to ‘A’ gets the chance to start the game.

To start it off, first player combines a couple of letter tiles or more to form a certain word and places the letter tiles on the board with one of these letters placed on that center square. The turn is completed after counting the score and announcing it out loud so that all the players can hear it. Then the player has to draw the same number of tiles as they had played from the bag to make sure that they have at least seven tiles on the rack.

Next, the play continues towards the left side and the players keep on making new words until one of the players plays all their letter tiles and no more words could be formed.

Scrabble Word Finder

When you are into playing these word builder games, you may want to learn new words every now and then in order to play them when you compete professionally. For this, you have a lot of online scrabble word finder tools available that can help you play a certain set of letters and make all the possible combinations of these letters to form legitimate words. Most tools provide you with a list of 2-lettered words going up to 5-lettered words, at least, that could be formed with the provided string.

When you opt for the most sophisticated tools, you can find a range of options to filter your search as well. For example, you can specify the options like “contains”, “starts with”, and “ends with” with letters mentioned for each of them. In addition, you also have the option to choose from different options for official scrabble dictionary that you would like to be used in your search. It will allow you to ensure that you only get the words to play which are allowed by your chosen dictionary so that you may not end up facing any challenges when you actually play the words competing against other players in a game.

So, if you are ready to play scrabble word builder game, start practicing it now and learn the rules of the game before you do anything else. Once you have all the rules in mind and you have started practicing accordingly, choosing the right online tool to find new words that you could make with a certain string of letters would turn out to be the key. Just keep finding new words and continue to improve your vocabulary to play words that your opponents may not even expect coming. Some sophisticated tools may even allow you to learn strategy building for your scrabble games by specifying a lot of different options. Start looking now and practice continuously to keep getting better in the game.

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